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About Us

Windoor is India’s largest manufacturer & supplier of energy efficient uPVC Windows & uPVC Doors. We source the finest grade of raw material from European Fortune 500 companies.

The optimized production process outputs 100% lead-free & durable uPVC profiles for Indian climate. Our uPVC window and door systems subjected to 25000+ hours of extreme weather ensure excellence. We have received certifications from Global labs BSI – UK & SKZ – Germany. Windoor uPVC Window & Door Systems surpass European quality standards in all mechanical property tests.

Advantages Of Windoor Windows

Energy Efficient

If you’re going to invest then you may as well find the most energy-efficient uPVC Doors & Windows in India. Windoor manufactures all the window components in-house using globally certified formulations. We take pride in fulfilling the demand for increasingly sustainable building products.

Style and Performance

Windoor windows are suitable for any structure from villas to apartments & schools to office spaces. Our windows range includes contemporary and traditional styles. Each window crafted with care for exceptional energy efficiency, security and durability. Complemented by easy fabrication & fitting with almost zero maintenance.

Homeowners, Builders and Fabricators

Windoor Windows & Doors are perfect for: Homeowners looking to upgrade your windows. Builder looking for the highest-performance, Energy-Efficient windows for your next project. Fabricator/Window Installer looking for great value, market-leading windows.

Health and Safety

All our uPVC Products come with a multi-point locking system with galvanized steel reinforcement. This provides enhanced security, impact strength and exceed EU Regulations on Energy Saving.


Double glazed Windoor Windows are more effective in reducing the noise that can enter your home. This is especially helpful for those who live near airports, have neighbors with noisy pets.


Double glazing uPVC Doors & Windows are more difficult to be forcefully opened from the outside. This increases the safety level of your house and burglars will be discouraged from breaking in.


Windoor windows offer 100% UV resistance with the right amount of TiO2, which helps in retaining whiteness against exposure to the sun.


Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) can be maintained by avoiding interior energy loss (generally 37% through windows). Windoor windows reduce energy loss by over 30% thereby reducing energy costs.

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uPVC Casement Doors

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